The Ten Commandments of "Skeptics" and "Science Bloggers"


01. The scientific establishment is thy lord thy god. Thou shalt have no other gods before it. Thou shalt worship it and its trinity: The consensus, the prestige and the holy peer-review. Thou shalt label anyone who dare challenge it as "anti-science".

02. Thou shalt make unto thy opponent a graven image of a man out of straw, with no likeness to their actual arguments, and knock it down.

03. Thou shalt equivocate terms such as "climate change", "evolution", "vaccines", "GMOs" and "science" to misrepresent thy opponent's position, and to create the illusion of overwhelming evidence for the establishment position.

04. Remember the term "denialist", and keep it holy.

05. Honour thy Darwin and thy materialism. Science is not science unless it is materialistic and Darwinian. Any professor who lies with design as one lies with Darwin shall be trolled to tenure death, for they have committed an abomination.

06. Correlation doth not equal causation, unless said correlation doth support man-made global warming or vaccine safety and effectiveness.

07. Thou shalt not believe in any supernatural phenomena, because there is no empirical evidence for such tripe, only anecdotal. However, thou shalt believe in the multiverse - for which there is no evidence whatsoever, not even anecdotal - because scientists say so.

08. Apply thy infinite skepticism only one way. Never be skeptical of thyself.

09. Thy tone shalt be dismissive, arrogant and elitist and thou shalt favour ad-hominems, buzzwords and psychological profiling over reasoned debate over the evidence.

10. Being a free-thinker means keeping thy mind open to the possibility of ludicrously improbable coincidence and closed to any other explanation.

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